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Cheap Cars from Japan – Japanese Car Dealer

Japan #1 Used Car Exporter – Ninkipal Co.,Ltd

Are You Into Japanese Cars?

The Japanese Auto Industry has always been a top competitor on the global scene. With proficient technology and elegant designs, the great brands of Japanese cars are loved by many drivers.

But Japan is quite far and the Car Showrooms present in the non-Japanese states offer the automobiles at expensive prices.

Ninkipal shrinks the distance. We bring the Nippon cars to you!

Ninkipal is the number one Japanese Car Exporter, dealing with various brands such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, Honda, Subaru; whatever brand you want, name it and Ninkipal brings the right car for you. Ninkipal provides Japanese Auction Car Purchase services to clients all over the world.

Who is the leader of Japanese Car Exporter on the market?

Ninkipal Company is the most trusted Exporter of New and Used Japanese Cars. We founded our company in 2011 with car-passionate experts and business experienced professionals that are involved in providing high-quality customer services. We are located in Yokohama City, the very heart of the Japanese Car Export Industry. We have access to the best deals on the market, fine cars and successful delivery methods.

Moreover, we are known members of the Japanese Car Auctions Society, offering us the possibility to reach an unlimited collection of Japanese cars and vehicles for various purposes including transportation, heavy industry and construction industry.

When it comes to Japanese Car Exports, we are the number ONE choice

We not only specialize in car services and car technologies but we also own a team of business experts that make our services into a reliable and trustworthy platform.

We seal collaboration with a win-win perspective and we see through our services from both a car exporter angle and a customer needs’ angle.

We believe in the existence of a fair-trade business behavior; that is why we make sure we are always in contact with our clients through various communication channels such as phone, email or even an available chat.

Until your automobile is delivered into your hands, we keep in touch with you throughout the Transaction Process and we make sure you receive the right advice in order to secure the car you want.

We provide our services through a transparent and reliable method and we make available any information that is necessary for our clients.

Ninkipal Company holds an extensive and rich collection of new and used cars that is updated constantly with the cars of your dreams. You can also send us an inquiry to make sure we include the vehicle you want in our affordable and secure auction system.

The most complete gallery?

At Ninkipal you can choose from 6 and more types of vehicles as we include in our services SUV, Sedans, Trucks, Wagons, Coaches and much more. We can even deliver special vehicles used in the construction industry such as the Isuzu, Hino or Daihatsu brands and heavy industry cars such as Hummer. We are in strong collaboration with trustworthy Japanese car dealers and we verify each vehicle in order to make sure we bring to you the car of your dreams. Whether you want a personal car or a business vehicle fleet, you can find anything you need in our automobile collection. We also extended our collection to particular purposes such as transportation including Mitsubishi Rosa Buses, Wheel loaders or Land cruisers. We choose the cars that are healthy, stable and have a good year of fabrication.

Choose the category that suits your needs the best including fuel type such as Diesel, Petrol or even top-notch innovative Hybrid system. We also have available vehicles on manual and automatic transmission for all tastes and uses.

The most affordable prices on the market?

Yes! Our collection contains vehicle starting under $1000 and if you have more money to spare we have a maximum of under $5000 vehicles available for you. Being in the centre of the Japanese Car Kingdom, Yokohama, we know that a rich variety of clients must have access to a car auctioning system. That is why we designed our auctioning services for all types of financial budget, including new and young car lovers or long-standing car experts.

Everywhere in the world?

Ninkipal has an extensive reach on the global scene. We export high quality used cars to various regions starting from East and South Africa, Caribbean, North and South America, Oceania & CIS countries without leaving Europe away.

Our delivery process is timely and it is executed in high-safety conditions, making sure you receive a car in best conditions even though it is a used car. Wherever you are, you can receive the car of your choice in no time. We proud ourselves for our high-quality used cars delivered through a fast and safe shipping service, regardless of your location and the type of the car you acquired.


Ninkipal delivers Safe and Secure Car Services!

The online industry of car auctions is filled with unreasonable conditions and illegal dealers that look to trick you. We strongly advise our clients to pay close attention when choosing the distributor so they won’t fall into scams.

Protect your money and make sure you receive the car you pay for with Ninkipal Services!

Ninkipal 100% Verified and Safe Auctioning System is available globally, for you!

We work through a highly secured and verifiable system that guarantees a safety auction and a secure delivery including pre-inspection services.

Our system is a 5 steps process that guarantees the viability and safety of the car auctioning service.

First, we seal together a contract that requests you to send at least 40% of the necessary deposit and you instantly get notified when we receive the deposit. You receive a specimen of the contract so please read it carefully.

Secondly, together with our Sales Manager you pick the preferred car from the Auction session. Our Sales Manager is at your service in order to advice you about the mechanics and the perks of the chosen car.

Thirdly, you can choose more than one car for which you want us to bid. We start the bidding for the selected cars as soon as we get them. When the bidding is complete, we send you an Invoice Final Payment that requires the remaining balance.

You have to pay the remaining balance within 3 days from the actual purchase. After we receive the payment, we immediately make the arrangements for the shipment.

Last but not least, we ship your car together with a file of important documents such as Bill of Lading, Export Certificate, JEVIC/JAAI Certificate.

You can find more details or contact us for further information upon the buying and auctioning process as we are keen on delivering the best Car Auction Services on the market.

Receive your dream car directly from Japan at a fair price and a high-quality customer service

Japan is one of the countries that top the list of the best customer services in the world. And Ninkipal Company makes sure we hold that place. We guarantee you receive the car you choose with the technicalities that you prefer, in due time and meanwhile, our experts stay in contact with you. We can help you get clearance and registration in your country as our services reach an extensive platform of partners and clients.

Get in touch with Ninkipal Today and secure the car of your dreams

With zero risk you can now invest the money you’ve earned through hard work in the car of your dreams. We make it easy to reach to us or you just have to signal us and we get in touch with you. We strongly believe in direct communication so we will entrust you to one of our expert manager that holds vast experience in the information you need. Feel free to ask any questions that you need in order to have a clear view on the auction system provided by Ninkipal, the cars in our collections and the fast shipping system. We welcome any client, from the global scene with open-minds and high-quality customer care that you can verify by getting a glimpse of other clients’ experience with our extensive and quality services.

Our team of Sales Managers is ready to offer detailed advice and information about car models, years, making process, the color you desire and even engine size and any other features including mileage and budget range.

By registering in our auction car access system you make sure you receive a risk-free car service, you keep an eye on the whole process and keep in touch with us easily and efficiently. Also, you can choose from a wide collection by accessing a user-friendly platform.

Pay only 50% of the agreed or negotiated price and receive proof of shipment and all the necessary documents for a legal and safe purchase such as inspection certificate and exporter documents. Once the chosen car reaches your destination, you only have to pay the remaining balance from the overall amount. We send you the original documents at your address and you can happily use your car.

Start Your Successful Journey Now And Wait No Other Day To Receive The Car Of Your Dreams!

The Ninkipal Company Is At Your Service!

Email: contact@Ninkipal.jp

Phone: +81-45-334-8238

Website:  www.ninkipal.com



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